Frequently Asked Questions

What is MUSC Health Virtual Care?

MUSC Health Virtual Care is an easy way to be treated for common conditions through online, non-video, interviews and video interviews.

Learn more about Online Interviews
Most interviews take about 5-15 minutes to complete

Learn more about Video Interviews
Most interviews take about 5-15 minutes to complete

What can I be treated for?

You and your family can be diagnosed and treated for a variety of common conditions (i.e. Flu, UTI, Rash, and Diaper Rash).

See a full list here

Who can use the MUSC Health Virtual Care?

This service is for the whole family is not limited to MUSC patients. You do not need to be a South Carolina resident, just in SC at the time of your visit.

Anyone over 18 can create an account. You can also add adult and minor children as dependents to your account. Visits for minor children must be completed by a parent.

When is MUSC Health Virtual Care available?

You can access and complete an online visit 24/7. MUSC Providers will respond between 8am-12midnight

How fast will I receive care?

During operating hours, the average response time is less than one hour. If you complete a visit outside the operating hours, you will receive a response in the morning.

Each visit takes about five minutes to complete. The total number of questions you answer will depend on the condition.

Who makes the diagnosis?

MUSC Health Virtual Care has local, licensed, board-certified MUSC Health providers (physician (MD), nurse practitioner (NP), or physician assistant (PA)) reviewing your symptoms, making the diagnosis, and developing your treatment plan.

For certain conditions, the MUSC Health provider may need a bit more information to diagnosis. In this case they may ask for you to upload a photo or jump to a quick video interview.

If your health concern can’t be addressed through the service, you will be directed to contact your PCP or a Primary Care clinic. If this is the case, you will not be charged for the visit.

How much does it cost?

A MUSC Health Virtual Care visit is only $25 – a fee that is often less than most co-pays for urgent care visits.

For select discounted groups this fee may be less.

Is my visit covered by insurance?

You may submit your receipt to your insurance company, but we cannot guarantee you will be reimbursed.

If you are MUSC Health Alliance ACO beneficiary, your visit is covered and is no charge to you.

Is my personal information safe?

All the information you provide is encrypted and protected. The Terms of Service provides more detailed information regarding how the Zipnosis platform protects personal information.

Will my provider know I’ve have done a visit?

If you are a MUSC Health patient, your visit record will be saved as part of your medical record. If you want to share your visit records with a physician outside of MUSC Health, they can print or email your records. Or, call (843) 261-5940 to have us send a copy of your MUSC Health Virtual Care records to your provider.

What browsers does the platform support?

MUSC Health Virtual Care requires you to use a modern browser to ensure your data is secure and your experience is awesome. These browsers include:

  • Internet Explorer 11 or newer
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

If you do not have one of these browsers, you can download Chrome or Firefox for free.

Dear MUSC Family

We are pleased to announce a new and exciting benefit to our MUSC Family. Beginning today, all MUSC employees, students, and dependents will now be able to access MUSC Health Virtual Urgent Care at no cost!

MUSC Health Virtual Urgent Care is our online, urgent care platform that provides quick, quality care that fits into your entire family’s life. It is an easy way to treat common conditions without traveling to an urgent care or clinic. We can effectively treat more than 40 different conditions. Some examples of the many conditions are below:

  • Sinus Infection
  • Flu
  • UTI
  • Sore Throat
  • Pink Eye
  • Skin Rash
  • Common Cold
  • Allergies
  • Yeast Infection
  • Flu Prevention
  • Heartburn
  • And 30+ More Conditions
Getting Started

Download this faq pdf to get started.