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Symptoms and Treatment

Conjunctivitis, or pink eye, is an irritation or inflammation of the conjunctiva, which covers the white part of the eyeball. It can be caused by allergies or a bacterial or viral infection. Conjunctivitis can be extremely contagious and is spread by contact with eye secretions from someone who is infected.

Symptoms of Pink Eye include:
  • Redness in or around the eye
  • Puffy and sore eye
  • Itching, burning or stinging eyes
  • Watery eyes or discharge; may form a crust during the night

Pink Eye Treatment

If you are experiencing these or similar symptoms, connect with a doctor online today to receive a personalized treatment plan and feel better, faster. MUSC Health Virtual Care teams provide treatment for conjunctivitis starting at the age of 2 years old.

**Note care team includes physicians, nurse practitioner (NP), and Physician Assistants (PA)

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